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Autonomous, safety navigation

Autonomous and safe navigation is at the heart of what we do. To choose and combine the correct technologies is our passion. GPS-based inertial navigation systems enable positioning to a few centimeters – and thus make it possible to validate advanced driver assistance systems.

OxTS RT systems


Since 10 years we are the German representative of the UK-based company OxTS (Oxford Technical Solutions). OxTS design and manufacture high precision inertial navigation systems for measuring position and orientation.

Our common expert knowledge and know-how helps you on your implementation of your measuring application.

  • driving dynamics
  • driver assistance systems
  • vehicle video systems
  • autonomous driving
  • special solutions

Internal development


Furthermore we´ll facilitate your work with our own products and innovations, to make your measurement projects even more efficient and outstanding.


DTC´s SmaRT-Range is a clever housing system for complex measurement solutions used in road tests. Through the integration of all components into one single box, the cabling of the RT products, the processor and power unit gets reduced to a minimum.

  • no cable tangle
  • no wiring error
  • fast montage
  • fast integration into experimental vehicle

SmaRT-Fix ensures reliable results

This ISOFIX based mounting solution will take care of reproducible test results. Latched into the normed ISOFIX-holder you´ll get a fast and securely mounted base to fix your measurement systems.

  • reproducible results
  • reproducible settings for different types of vehicles
  • Experimental setup outside the vehicle
  • Installation with a few simple steps
  • crash tight fit of the test devices by screwing in the SmaRT-Fix base

Your contact is Wolfgang Nickel, +49 89 – 125 03 09 – 20