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Navigation is our passion


DTC GmbH Navigation & Security Solutions distributes – as the exclusive representative of Oxford Technical Solutions (OxTS) in D-A-CH – the inertial navigation systems of OxTS. These deliver a multitude of dynamic signals as well as high-precision position in real time. These RT-Sensors are complemented and supplemented with internal developments and innovations of DTC and our partners. With this we offer an exclusive array of high-quality products, which offer you efficient and extensive solutions.



AVAD 3 is a further development of DTC’s AVAD2. Instead of using a simple photoresistor, AVAD3 is now using a high-quality industrial photo camera which is able to record color change or change of the pictograms. The acoustic monitoring is able to cancel out “normal” driving noise and reacts to different, predefined alarm signals.

SmaRT-Fix measurement mounting

The SmaRT-FIX mounting system is clamped securely into the ISOFIX anchor points which are located at the base of each side of a car seat. The system is secured by clamps to the vehicles ISOFIX anchor points. By pressing the upper and lower arms (black clamps) into the seat, a secure and repeatable mounting position in the vehicle is achieved. The SmaRT-FIX has successfully passed crash tests with speeds of 72 km/h making it suitable for high braking forces encountered in tests such as the EuroNCAP AEB test.


SmaRT-Range141125-SmaRT-Range – a product of DTC – integrates a RT and a RT-Range in a custom metal box, which can be pre-wired and configured at the factory before the driving test beginns. With a few simple steps and minimal cabling the vehicles are ready for testing. All necessary signal terminals are at the SmaRT-Range available. The SmaRT-Range is connected to the antenna block with a cable with hight-quality connectors.


SmaRT-Pack mit RTSensor

SmaRT-Pack is designed for pedestrian or cyclist safety tests.

Inside the backpack, the RT and all necessary communication modules including an efficient Li-Ionen battery is integrated and able to provide long-term power.


SmaRT-TrolleySmaRT-Trolley ist von DTC für die Vermessung von Fahrspuren und Landmarken optimiert. Ein spezieller Rollator wurde so umgestaltet, dass ein RT sowie alle notwendigen Kommunikations- und Kontrollmodule mit einem effizienten Li-Ionen Akku mit langer Laufzeit versorgt werden. Ein definiertes Rad des SmaRT-Trolley wird entlang der Fahrspurmarkierung geführt und speichert in konstanten Abständen die cm-genaue GPS-Position der Markierungen. Der SmaRT-Trolley kann schnell zusammengefaltet und so platzsparend mitgeführt werden.