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Detector for audio-visual signals from the vehicle


The ultimate alert detector system for capturing audible or visual signals of driver assistance systems like lane keeping and autonomous brake assist systems for EuroNCAP testing!

The AVAD 3 is an improved version of AVAD 2. Instead of using a simple, light-responsive photoresistor, a high quality video camera is used. These can detect and register color changes or changes in the pictograms.

The AVAD3 is capturing acoustic and optical alerts and signals generated by advanced driver assistance systems in the vehicle. It outputs triggers to the TTL,LAN and CAN when it recognizes changes of the shapes and colors of defined icons or when audible signals are identified.


At the heart of AVAD 3 is a very fast, high-quality processor for audio and video processing, which is housed with all signal conditioning and interface modules in a robust automotive housing.

This allows the AVAD 3 to be used for endurance tests that record the reactions of the driver assistance systems on the environment in general operation.


AVAD3: Features and Specifications:

  • Low latency (typ. 2 – 5 ms)
  • Frame rate 100 Hz; CAN- and LAN-output rate max. 1 KHz
  • Configuration via internet browser
  • Insensitive to vibrations in the car
  • Measurement profiles can be saved and loaded later
  • The delay of information between alarm signal and the output as TTL- CAN and LAN information is in the range of a few microseconds
  • Via the I/O interface the status of the vehicle contact can be detected by an impact switch
  • Status signals may activate the memory function of the AVAD3 or be used as markers
  • A start/stop switch enables easy operation during the tests